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Template – Applicant information (presentation stage)


Template document to be issued to applicants who have been invited to attend for interview where a presentation exercise is being used as one of the assessment techniques. It is recommended this is issued along with the Invite to Interview Letter. This document provides crucial information about (1) the arrangements for the interview and the presentation (2) the breakdown of which areas are being tested in the presentation and which are tested in the interview (3) the rules for the presentation including timings, use of visual aides etc. (4) competency questions if appropriate (5) the expected timeline (6) next steps if appropriate. This document is essential if you want to create a professional impression of your company for prospective applicants. It also serves to aid applicants in their preparation for the interview and presentation exercise and also ensures equality of opportunity as all applicants receive the same information, in the same manner and in the same time frame thus providing an audit trail and defence against future allegations of interview bias etc.