My mission for the HR Doc Shop™ is to bridge the resource gap for small business owners who do not have in house HR.  Simply put it is all about making it easy for you to access professional HR documents – regardless of the size of your business or financial resources available to you.  Now obviously, this is my business and livelihood so I charge a fair price for my products.  But I am also very aware that some of you, for whatever reason, may not be able to afford all of my products right now.  So to keep it simple and honour my mission, I give you my word that as long as I am running the HR Doc Shop I will always have a section of  documents and templates on the site – for free!  Yes you read that right – for FREE HR DOCUMENTS! 

To make it easy for you to find the FREE HR documents and templates I have listed the current ones below under their relevant folder:


  1. Letter – speculative enquiry response
  2. Letter – position on hold
  3. Letter – missed deadline
  4. Letter – unsuccessful after shortlisting
  5. Letter – unsuccessful after interview
  6. Letter – unsuccessful after interview (internal)
  7. Letter – application withdrawn
  8. Letter – failed to attend


  1. Letter – confirm employment at end of probation


  1. Template – data capture

Handbooks & Policies

  1. Template – Equal Opportunities Policy
  2. Template – Health & Safety Policy Statement
  3. Template – Maternity Policy (statutory)
  4. Template – Shared Parental Leave Policy


  1. Letter – Authority for Employer To Access Medical Report
  2. Template – Return to Work Form
  3. Template – Companion Waiver Form* (* can also be used in disciplinary, grievance and dismissal areas)


  1. Letter – Reinstate after suspension – no case to answer


  1. Letter – For employee to raise a formal grievance
  2. Template – Companion Waiver Form* (* can also be used in capability, disciplinary and dismissal areas)

Performance Management

  1. Letter /Email – cover for issue of appraisal forms
  2. Guide – Performance Management – Which policy to use
  3. Checklist – Listening Skills


24. Letter acknowledging verbal resignation

25. Letter – Invite to exit interview