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The HR Doc Shop™ is an online service designed for small business owners who want professionally drafted HR documents and templates available for instant download.  At the HR Doc Shop ™ it is our mission to fill in the resource gap for small businesses who do not have in-house HR staff.  We save small business owners time and money by providing them with customisable ready to edit documents and templates for instant download that they can use in their business straight away.

By providing flexible purchase solutions in the Doc Shop for small business owners, we make it just as easy for them to access a single letter for the one-off employee query; or to access all our documents at once.  Understanding the importance of branding to all business owners, we have designed our products so all templates are customisable and ready to edit, making it easy for you print on your own stationary once you are ready.

For the HR documents and templates contained here in the Doc Shop we do not ask you to sign up to a recurring retainer or an annual contract.  We do not provide and/or display documents and/or information as legal advice or information.  Our website, resources and products are for your guidance in general situations only and professional and/or legal advice should be sought before use for a specific matter in your business.

We remove the fear of HR for small business owners by simplifying the confusing world of HR.

Our signature Enter | Engage | Exit approach has been designed to help you find what you need.  HR is about the relationship between an employer and it’s employees.  In this relationship we see three keys stages: meeting (Enter); working with each other (Engage); and parting (Exit).

At different stages in any relationship you will experience different things; likewise in HR at different stages you will need different things.  We believe HR has three key relationship stages: Enter, Engage and Exit.

Here in the Enter stage, you will find all of our documents relating to the early stages of the employment relationship.  In other words looking for staff (Recruitment & Selection) hiring staff (Contracts) explaining the rules (Handbooks & Policies) and the early days (Probation).

Here in the Engage stage, you will find all of our documents relating to the main part of the employment relationship i.e. getting to know each other and working together.  It is about engaging with employees to get the best relationship (Performance Management) but also dealing with difficult issues (Capability, Disciplinary and Grievance).

Here in the Exit stage, you will find all of our documents relating to the end of the employment relationship.  In other words saying farewell (Resignation and Retirement) making reductions (Redundancy) and saying goodbye (Dismissals and Absent With Out Leave).

Still not sure what you need?
Then start with your situation in your business and the challenge you face right now.  It is probably in one of the following categories:

  • First Time Employers
    • Go to the Enter section of the Doc Shop
  • Handling Performance Problems
    • Go to the Engage section of the Doc Shop
  • Ending the Relationship
    • Go to the Exit section of the Doc Shop