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This week we are continuing with our series of short videos that put one of our free HR Templates in the spotlight.  Lets get stuck in!


This week our spotlight document is RECRUITMENT – MISSED DEADLINE 


What is it?

An email or letter template to be issued to applicants whose application form or CV was received after the closing deadline for the recruitment vacancy.


Why should you use it?

The template can be personalised in a couple of minutes, but don’t let that fool you.  This simple HR template:

  • ensures that all applicants are communicated with even those who are outside of the deadline
  • acknowledges receipt of the application
  • explains to the candidate that their application was received after the deadline
  • clarifies that as the deadline had been missed the application cannot be considered
  • creates a professional appearance by ensuring the candidate knows why they have been unsuccessful in this recruitment campaign


What next?

  1. Download the template by clicking here
  2. Check out the short video on our Youtube channel here
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So there you go, that is what we do.  We draft HR documents and provide them to you to use.  It really is that simple.


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Johanna Scullion
Founder of the HR Doc Shop™


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