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So we are one year older and one year wiser.  After listening to our audience we have decided that this year we will do more video blogs to accompany our written blogs.  To kick off our new youtube channel we are doing a series of short videos accompanied by a free HR Template.


Like most things we have decided to start at the beginning.  So with that in mind our first free HR template Blog spotlight goes to… drum roll please…..



free template speculative enquiry The HR Doc Shop 

What is it?

An email or letter template that a business can send in response to someone who submits a CV or application form when the company is not in a live recruitment drive.





Why should you use it?

The template is very short and can be personalised in a couple of minutes, but don’t let that fool you.  This simple HR template:

  • creates a professional appearance
  • establishes a connection with a potential candidate
  • provides the business with permission to retain their information and contact them at a time in the future when you might have a vacancy that suits their skill set


What next?

  1. Download the template by clicking here
  2. Check out the short video above or go see more over on our Youtube channel
  3. Comment below to let me know if you have used any of our free templates and how it helped you in your business.


So there you go, that is what we do.  We draft HR documents and provide them to you to use.  It really is that simple.


Until next time

Johanna Scullion
Founder of the HR Doc Shop™


Removing the fear from the confusing world of HR, one template at a time.

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